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Independent Insurance Adjuster Must-Have

Independent Insurance Adjuster Must-Have

Independent Insurance Adjuster Must-Have


Request photos from anyone with a cell phone.

No App, Any Phone

Admins can request photos through their phone or computer. Users can submit photos by texting directly to the file. Or, submit by uploading the through their phone or computer’s browser. No confusing or costly app to download. EVER!

Instant Photos from the Field

The frustration of waiting for on-field personnel to email or upload their photos is over. Photos can be instantly uploaded and labeled as they become obtained. Or, photos can be sent directly to your file via text message.

Web-Based, Photo Management

Easily track and organize photos from multiple users based on your file reference number. Software tracks who obtained the photo and when it was actually taken, then place it in the correct file. Admin users can view photos almost instantaneously after they are taken.

PDF or Zip Download

Photos and videos can directly download to your computer in a labeled pdf photo report or in a zip folder.


Any phone can respond to your request for photos via text message. Photos received places directly into the file.

Smart Phones

If users have a smartphone, photos and videos can directly upload with labels directly to the file. This is through our awesome interface in their web browser. No app to download EVER!

It’s free to try!  See how pixitnow can help your organization today

Read our FAQ’s below!

What is Pixitnow?

We provide a tool for professionals from numerous industries to capture photos and videos (media) in the field. This tool easily transmits them back to their office, employer, or client. The media stores in the cloud and is accessible by admin users instantly after submission. This allows information to flow quickly from the field to admin teams. Also, it allows users in the field to timestamp photos and videos for documentation purposes.

How long is the free trial and what is included?

During the trial period, users have full access to our standard pixitnow program. The only limitation is that the program cannot customize for trial users.

How quickly can I send information using Pixitnow?

If the person taking the photos has cell phone service, the transmission of media is almost instant. It is as fast as sending a text message.

What type of phone can be used with Pixitnow?

Any phone capable of sending photos by text message can use pixitnow. With your smartphone, you can easily label your photos and video as you upload them to pixitnow.

How much does it cost to use Pixitnow?

pixitnow is available to the general public, and our standard pricing is $15 per file. A file is a group of photos and/or videos stored in your pixitnow account under the same reference number. There is a limit on the total number of photos and videos per file. $15 is our standard pricing. Customers using the program extensively should inquire with us about bulk pricing. This is for considerable savings.

Can I use pixitnow anywhere?

Cell phone service is a requirement to take full advantage of pixitnow. However, what if you need to capture media in an area where there is no service? The user can still submit their media as soon as they return to an area with service.