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Introducing PIXITNOW: The Must-Have Tool for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Introducing PIXITNOW: The Must-Have Tool for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Introducing PIXITNOW: The Must-Have Tool for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Have you ever struggled with obtaining photos from the field quickly and efficiently? Look no further – PIXITNOW is here to revolutionize the way you capture and manage media in your insurance claims process. With our web-based platform, requesting, submitting, and organizing photos has never been easier. Read on: Introducing PIXITNOW: The Must-Have Tool for Independent Insurance Adjusters

Capture Photos Anytime, Anywhere

PIXITNOW allows you to request photos from anyone with a cell phone, no app is required. Admins can conveniently request photos through their phone or computer, while users can submit photos by texting directly to the assigned file. Alternatively, photos can be uploaded through a phone or computer browser. No confusing or costly app downloads are necessary – ever!

Instant Uploads for Efficient Workflow

Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting for on-field personnel to email or upload photos. With PIXITNOW, photos can be instantly uploaded and labeled as soon as they are obtained. Alternatively, photos can be sent directly to your file via text message, ensuring seamless information flow and quick access to visual documentation.

Effortless Photo Management

Our web-based platform offers easy tracking and organization of photos from multiple users based on your file reference number. With PIXITNOW’s intelligent software, you can track the person who obtained the photo and the timestamp, enabling efficient file organization. Admin users can view photos almost instantaneously after they are taken, streamlining the claims process.

Download with Ease

Photos and videos can be directly downloaded to your computer in a labeled PDF photo report or a zip folder. This makes it simple to access and share media with your team, clients, or superiors.

Compatible with Any Device

No need to worry about compatibility – PIXITNOW works seamlessly with any phone capable of sending photos by text message. Even smartphones can directly upload labeled media to the assigned file through our user-friendly web interface. Enjoy the convenience of PIXITNOW, regardless of the device you use.

Free Trial Available!

Curious to see how PIXITNOW can benefit your organization? Sign up for our free trial today and experience the power of efficient photo management firsthand. During the trial period, enjoy full access to our standard Pixitnow program, with the only limitation being customization options that are exclusive to our paid users.

Frequently Asked Questions


At PIXITNOW, we provide a tool designed for professionals from various industries to capture and transmit photos and videos from the field. Our cloud-based platform ensures media is securely stored and accessible by authorized admin users in real time, streamlining communication between field personnel and administrative teams.

How quickly can I send information using PIXITNOW?

If the person taking the photos has cell phone service, the transmission of media is almost instant, as fast as sending a text message. Enjoy hassle-free and rapid media sharing with PIXITNOW.

Compatible Phones with PIXITNOW

PIXITNOW is compatible with any phone that can send photos via text message. Even if you have a smartphone, you can easily label and upload media directly to the assigned file through our intuitive web browser interface. No app downloads are required – ever!

Try PIXITNOW today and discover how our innovative platform can transform your insurance claims process.