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Becoming an Independent Insurance Adjuster: A Path to Success

New Insurance Adjusters Mistakes

New Insurance Adjusters Mistakes

Not Having an Ordered, Systematic Process for Approaching Your Workload.

This mistake is every bit as important for new adjusters – and can truly make or break your career in claims. So what does this mean? It means you need a system. A step-by-step system. A consistent approach you use for every claim, no matter the size or circumstance.
It does not matter if you have one claim or fifty. Every single claim requires incredible attention to detail. Closing the claim means completing all the necessary steps in the correct order. Miss one and it leads to more mistakes or missed tasks, potentially resulting in a kicked back claim. If nothing else missed steps and tasks will cost you time. And time = money.
This is a huge challenge when first deployed. You may think you are proficient in Xactimate writing. This will make you think you will do ok. Not so. You more than likely will constantly find yourself in a mental fog of chaos as you bounce from one task to another with no real organization. Don’t become stressed which leads to more mistakes you needed to fix which, of course, leads to more stress.
Make sure you always identify problems and make appropriate changes. With a bit of trial and error, you can always create a systematic approach to every claim. It can allow you to handle huge claims loads from multiple firms and multiple carriers at the same time.
The bottom line? If you want to be successful you need to get organized and stay organized.
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